Concerts of the Toruń Symphony Orchestra Musicians

This year we are celebrating the 35th anniversary of our existence. Through the years we flourished and changed our sound from chamber to symphonic. Krzysztof Blek – the violist of the Toruń Symphony Orchestra has been performing with us almost from the beginning. So, it is no coincidence that on February 15th - a week before the official commemoration, he will give a recital with Takayuki Hirata on the piano.

The programme includes:
H. I. von Biber - Passacaglia (Mysery Sonata #16) for viola solo
Ludwig van Beethoven - Sonata in F major op.5 No. 1
R.Schumann - Sonata no. 1 in A minor, opus 105
H. Vieuxtemps – Élégie, Op.30