Romantic Evening

Wojciech WALECZEK /piano/
TSO String Quartet:
Izabela BOGUSZ /I violin/
Grzegorz BOGUSZ /II violin/
Marta WRONISZEWSKA /viola/

R.Schumann - Piano Quintet in E flat major, op.44
A.Borodin - String Quartet No. 2 in D major

Although both works  that arose in completely different regions of Europe and in different periods have a lot in common. As often happens, the best works are created in a very short time.

The sketch of the Quintet in E-flat major by R. Schumann was composed between 23 and 29 September  1842 and two weeks later the piece was ready to be performed. Initially, the most popular of his chamber works was supposed to be dedicated to the Queen Mary, but finally was devoted to his wife, pianist Clara Schumann.

 The first private performance of the “Quintet” took place on 8 December 1842. The piano part for Clara Schumann was played by Felix Mendelssohn – friend of Schumanns. During the official premiere in January 1843, Clara Schumann played that part herself and she was accompanied by the concertmasters of Gewandhaus. A month later, the work was presented in Dresden, in the house of prof. Wieck, father of Clara, and it was some kind of a gift after a long conflict with her father, due to the marriage with Robert.

Quartet in D major was also made within several days and this work was dedicated to the composer's wife, pianist Jekaterina Protopopov. While Schumann's case, fast pace of work on the compositions was more of a natural, whereas in the case of Borodin it was something special. Alexander Borodin,  chemist and doctor, lecturer who could speak three languages ​​fluently and played five instruments (piano, flute, oboe, clarinet, cello), had little time for composing.
Both compositions quickly gained recognition and were acclaimed by both musicians and listeners, and today they are the "core repertoire" of chamber ensembles.