17 February 2016, 7.00 p.m.
The Concert Hall of the JORDANKI Art and Congress Centre
Awesome! Grupa MoCarta and Their Travels
Tickets: 50/40 PLN

Travelling means new places, interesting people, surprising adventures and tremendous energy, which is truly awesome: speed, changing time zones, hotels, airports, lost luggage and the countries where the team has not performed before. ‘Awesome! Grupa MoCarta and Their Travels’ is a new programme of the quartet: the musicians will play and tell various stories about China, France, Costa Rica and the exotic Czech Republic. The programme, as usual, will be mainly comprised of classical music pieces seasoned with sparkling wit. The team will play a number of new compositions without forsaking their evergreens. Well, they are getting more sentimental as they grow older... For a number of years the quartet has been one of the most frequently touring Polish bands. The musicians have performed in many locations, including such exotic ones as the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez, notorious for its drug dealers, Wenatchee, a remote town in the USA where no Polish artist had ever performed before, and small Chinese cities (only those of less than 15 million inhabitants), such as 南昌.

Owing to the opportunity to perform round the globe, the musicians have learnt a lot about various cultures. For instance, they know the difference between the Taiwanese and Belgian audiences (the Belgians cough a lot…). However, as is commonly known, the most beautiful place in the world is the arrivals terminal at Warsaw Okęcie Airport, and the Poles are the best of all audiences. Having travelled so widely, Grupa MoCarta cannot wait to play concerts in their homeland.

Grupa MoCarta is a string quartet aspiring to be a musical cabaret: Filip Jaślar, Michał Sikorski, Paweł Kowaluk and Bolek Błaszczyk. They graduated from the academies of music in Warsaw and Łódź. The team started giving concerts in 1995 with the late cellist Artur Renion, who died in 2000. In December that year his place was filled by Bolek Błaszczyk. The quartet is not only a musical cabaret; they also perform classical and pop music (with such artists as Maryla Rodowicz, Natalia Kukulska, Grupa pod Budą, Marian Opania, Włodzimierz Korcz, Artur Andrus, Czerwony Tulipan, Kayah, Piasek and Ireneusz Krosny). In March last year Grupa MoCarta were celebrating their fifteenth anniversary.