The American Landscape

27th April (Friday), 7 pm
Concert Hall in CKK Jordanki

Nicholas Bardonnay - multimedia artist
Mariusz Smolij - conductor
Torun Symphony Orchestra

L. Bernstein – Divertimento for Orchestra
A. Copland – Rodeo Suite (photochoreography of Utah and Arizona)
G. Mahler – Adagietto (photochoreography of the west-north region of the USA and Pacific)
F. Grofé – Grand Canyon Suite (photochoreography of the Great Canyon)

Nicholas Bardonnay is a photographer, multimedia artist, and the Creative Director & CEO of Westwater Arts.

Founded in 1973, Westwater Arts has created multimedia experiences for more than half a million classical music lovers. To date, over 180 orchestras have programmed their groundbreaking art form: symphonic photochoreography. Westwater Arts' visual repertoire is set to music by Dvořák, Mahler, Copland, Shostakovich and 22 other renowned composers.

Since joining Westwater Arts in 2009, Nicholas has photographed, produced, and performed over a dozen photochoreography pieces. His creative process begins with either a visual concept or a musical work, then he pairs one with the other. During concerts, Nicholas uses multiple digital projectors to fill a large panoramic screen with hundreds of tightly choreographed image transitions, which he live-cues from memory. He has worked on more than 80 concerts with orchestras in cities across the U.S. as well as Scotland, England, Singapore, Canada and Germany.

Nicholas is usually accompanied by his wife and colleague, Erin, who is the multi-talented Operations Manager for Westwater Arts. From their home base in California, they travel frequently for performances and when he photographs new "visual concertos." His recent projects have taken them to Iceland, Mexico, the Czech Republic, and many amazing national parks in the U.S.

This concert is part of a four-orchestra collaboration, led by conductor Mariusz Smolij, to premiere Westwater Arts symphonic photochoreography in Poland for audiences in Łódź, Opole, Olsztyn, and Toruń. The three visual concertos on the program are Grand Canyon Country, Pacifica, and Rodeo!

Grand Canyon Country was originally commissioned by the primary orchestras of Tucson and Phoenix. From river to canyon rim, the piece showcases the stunning vistas, Desert Southwest scenery, and surprising islands of life found within Arizona’s majestic Grand Canyon region.

Nicholas photographed Pacifica during the atmospheric winter months in coastal Oregon and Washington with a special emphasis on the ancient landscapes of Olympic National Park. The piece is an exploration of the Pacific Northwest region, from the damp forest floor to aerial views of the coastline and many perspectives in between.

Rodeo! captures the fun and excitement of a small-town rodeo from behind the scenes. Photographed on-location in Arizona and Utah with a backdrop of sweeping western landscapes and ranching heritage, it’s a portrait of life in the lively and beautiful American West.

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