Film screening - Sugar Man

29.06. (Friday) – 7:00 pm – Hanza Cafe – SUGAR MAN, dir by M. Bendjelloul

HANZA CAFE – Piekary 28 street
ADMISSION FREE – free tickets will be available in the box office of CKK Jordanki

The review is curated by Dr Magdalena Wichrowska

The 22nd NOVA Music and Architecture International Festival includes a review of music-related cinema works arranged in two closely related thematic blocks. The first of these, NOVA: A NEW OUTLOOK ON DOCUMENTARY FILMS, will present two musical documentaries which largely diverge from the classic genre categorisations, reaching out for the modes of expression of feature films and for interesting creative techniques. Malik Bendjelloul’s Sugar Man, a fusion of documentary investigation and musical biography, relates the story of Rodriguez, one of the most mysterious and forgotten musicians of the turn of the 1970s. Jane Pollard and Ian Forsyth in their film 20.000 Days on Earth make use of the poetics of artistic documentaries; by resorting to a mise-en-scène approach and a peculiar sort of artificiality, they make an attempt at capturing the life of an artist and producing its faithful image. The result of this attempt is a film whose poetic language makes one think of that of Nick Cave, the main character portrayed in the document. The other block of films, MUSIC AND ARCHITECTURE, makes a connection between the idea of the festival and visual arts. The first destinations are Tanger and Detroit: Only Lovers Left Alive by Jim Jarmusch, a film honouring the past, is a splendid masterpiece to be admired for its visual and musical features. The main character is Adam, a vampire, who lives in Detroit, a rundown city submerged in economic and emotional crisis, and keeps going only thanks to his admiration of musical stars and instruments. Another grim and gloomy industrial centre to be presented in the review is Manchester, the backdrop to the life of Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division, portrayed in the film Control by Anton Corbijn.