Prize - winners concert

13th October (Sunday), 6 pm - Concert Hall in CKK Jordanki
Finale 5th International Karol Lipiński Festival and Violin Competition

Tickets: 40/30 (BUY TICKET)
Introduction: Urszula Guźlecka and Piotr Matwiejczuk

Oficial part: Presentation of the main and additional awards

The winner of the first prize – concert with orchestra
The winner of the second prize – recital
The winner of the third prize – recital
Adam Siebers – violin
Mariusz Smolij – conductor
Toruń Symphony Orchestra

In the programme: one of the violin concertos from Stage 3 of the Competition (1st prize), chamber music compositions (1st and 2nd prizes) and Paweł Riess’ Essay for solo violin and string orchestra (world premiere).

1st Prize – EUR 20,000 + a statue of Nicolaus Copernicus’ Astrolabe
2nd Prize – EUR 15,000
3rd Prize – EUR 10,000
Distinctions – 3 x EUR 2000