The event will be held within I International Violin Festival - Toruń 2013.

Collecting vinyl records over the last few years has become more popular. Music lovers look afresh at them and appreciate not only their assurpassed sound quality, but also their artistic covers with beautiful graphic design, which at time could even seem controversial. The great advantage of vinyl records is its very size and the envelope-shaped 12-inch cover that gives much room for the inventiveness of artists, graphic designers and photographers. It is worth mentioning that the covers of such music stars as: Miles Davis, Charles Lloyd, Elton John, Carlos Santana, Janis Joplin or Michał Urbaniak were often designed by artists representing the Polish Poster School (Stanislaw Zagorski or Rosław Szaybo) or such photographers as Marek Karewicz or Rafał Olbiński. For the music and art lovers, playing vinyl records is not just about listening to the music. For sure, there is that unquestionable quality of the recording (warmer and richer sound, cleaner rhythm), but also the awareness of having in one own's collection some items that were coveted over the years, e.g. violin concertos performed by David Oistrakh or Wanda Wiłkomirska and excellent orchestras. Apart from some new publications there is also a thriving second hand market. The "GramoClassic" project has been organized just for those who are now or who would wish to become collectors of vinyl recordings. If you like to meet interesting people, make new contacts, buy some new or swap some items of your vinyl collection, then this festival event is certainly  a must-see for you.
It will be accompanied with gramophone music played by DJ Paulo with Łukasz Sylwestrzak - electric violin.