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Frequently asked questions and answers

Where Can I buy tickets?

Tickets for our events can be purchased:
a)      At the ticket office in CKK Jordanki, Al. Solidarności 1-3, 87-100 Toruń. The ticket office is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. and one hour before the concert (at the concert venue). Contact details: phone: 56 642 43 79, e-mail: kasaattos [dot] art [dot] pl
b)     On-line: through the website www.biletytos.pl , www.tos.art.pl and bilety24.pl

Can a purchased ticket be returned?

If the ticket was purchased at the ticket office, it can be returned according to the rules specified in § 7 of the Sales Rules and Regulations found as an appendix on the website:  http://tos.art.pl/pl/static_32_234_Bilety___sezon_artystyczny_2019_2020.html
If the ticket was purchased on-line, it is non-refundable, in accordance with the aforementioned regulations, published on www.tos.art.pl, in the TICKETS tab.

What is a Voucher?

Voucher – a gift ticket; that entitles you to participate in one selected concert after it has been exchanged for an admission ticket at the ticket office. The voucher can be purchased at the on-site box office.

Can I film or take photos during the concert?

Due to copyright and related rights, artists cannot be filmed or photographed during the concert.

How long is the concert?

Usually a concert lasts about two hours. Symphonic concerts usually consist of two parts with an intermission of about 15 minutes. Entertainment concerts do not always have an intermission. The exact duration of the pieces can be found in the concert programme on the event website.

Is there a cloakroom?

There are 3 cloakrooms in CKK Jordanki. One on the ground floor, two on level 1. The cloakroom is obligatory and free of charge.

How to dress for a concert?

Elegant evening wear is required at the concert.

What If I'm late for a concert?

If you’re late for a concert, you won’t be able to take a seat until the intermission. In such an event please follow the instructions of the concert service.
Please arrive at the concert well in advance - at least 15 minutes before it starts.

How not to behave during the concert?

During the concert:
- do not eat or drink
- do not take photographs or make films
- do not talk
- do not use the phone

When should I clap?

At the end of the piece. In the case of works that consist of several parts, the artists should be applauded at the end of the whole work, not during the short breaks in between the parts.

Which place should I choose: on the balcony or on the ground floor?

The acoustics of the Concert Hall is very good everywhere. The choice of a seat is a matter of your taste.

Are there places designed for people with disabilities?

People with disabilities who use wheelchairs can take their seats at sector X, where they will have more space at their disposal and better comfort in concert participation. The tickets for sector X can be purchased only at the ticket office of CKK Jordanki, or after prior telephone or e-mail reservation during office hours - tel: 56 642 43 79, e-mail: kasaattos [dot] art [dot] pl
The entrance to sector X is on level -1, which can be conveniently reached by a lift.

Can I leave the hall during the concert?

You may leave the auditorium, but this should only be done in exceptional cases, as it disturbs other people and artists. It is impossible to re-enter the auditorium. Please follow the instructions of the concert staff.

Is there air conditioning in the hall?
Yes. Both the Concert Hall and the Chamber Hall are air-conditioned.
How Can I find my seat in the hall?

Before each concert, the staff of Toruń Symphony Orchestra are at your disposal and they will be happy to usher you to the seat assigned on your ticket. The staff responsible for checking the tickets will show the guests which cloakroom to choose and indicate the easiest way to get to their seats. In addition, there is a seating plan right next to the entrance.

Is parking available at the concert site?

There is a paid, unguarded underground car park on the premises of CKK Jordanki, for 185 cars.

How to buy group tickets?

The group tickets offer is addressed to organized groups of over 15 people.
What we offer to organized groups: professional help with making reservations, choosing the best seats, extended deadline for confirming reservations, convenient payment term.

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